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Medical Programs & Services


If you are a provider, click here and you will learn more about how the Y-HLC is defining the future of professionally administered programs and services to an aging population and is improving outcomes for patients with chronic disease and multiple risk factors.  Learn how to refer your patients to the Y-HLC.


How can we help you?

If you have been advised by your doctor to start exercising and eating healthier because you demonstrate health risks or because you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, we have health coaches that can help you get started.  Health coaches and medical program staff can support and encourage you throughout your journey.  Physical therapists are also part of your wellness team and create individualized programs specifically customized for you and your goals. They make sure that you are safe exercising and that you have the support you need. 


See below which program may be of interest to you.  We encourage you to contact the medical program coordinator of the program you are most interested in and they can answer any questions you may have and direct you in next steps.


To begin your medically-guided wellness journey, we need a referral from your physician. It is so important to keep your physician involved in your health care.  Click on this link to download and print a Medical Referral form that you can take to your physician. We can help you with this process.  Just ask a medical program coordinator!


Medical Programs:

Enhance Fitness

Post-Rehab Programs

Cancer Survivorship

Pain Management

Heart Health

Stroke Recovery

Living Healthier with Diabetes

Total Joint Health

Neuro Wellness

Weight Management

Medical Services:

Annual PT Check Up

Physical & Aquatic Therapy

Complimentary Injury Screen

Physical & Aquatic Therapy Forms

Fall Risk Assessment

Referral Form






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YMCA Exercise Assistance
Get fit with a little help from our friends.  If you have a physical condition that requires you to have assistance in order to use the YMCA Healthy Living Center's exercise equipment or facilities we can match you with a volunteer who can help you.  This may include help with getting on and off exercise machines, using the pool lift, or retrieving and setting up equipment for you.  To request an exercise assistant contact our office at 515-645-3350.



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