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Fitness Class Descriptions

There is something for every "body" at the YMCA. From cardio kick boxing to resistance training and yoga. All classes are taught by our YMCA trained and certified staff to meet every interest and all levels. Group Fitness Classes, Water Exercise, and Cycling classes are FREE to YMCA members. Classes are listed below.  

Land Based Classes
ABS AND BACK: You guessed it. This class concentrates soley on your core region. I great complement to any workout.
CYCLING: Get ready to sweat! This class offers a combination of strength and endurance training through hiss climbs, sprints and athletic drills. Bike shorts and a water bottle are highly recommended. New participants should arrive 10 minutes early to get properly fitted on the bike.
PILATES MAT: A workout that is relaxing and improves strength, flexibility and creates a body that is long and lean. It is a program that works for everyone.
PIYO: This unique class combines principles of Pilates with yoga. Great for increasing flexibility and core strength.
CARDIO CIRCUIT: A combination of cardio and intense muscle work. Cardio work is choreography free using hurdles, ladders, cones and jump ropes. Guaranteed to give you a total body workout.
STEP: A great low impact and moderate intensity workout that combines patterns on and around the step. May include muscle conditioning and stretching.
STEP INTERVAL: Step aerobics interspersed with intense cardio segments and followed by a recovery period. A great class to improve cardio conditioning. Beginners can use the interval period as a rest.
TAI CHI: Tai Chi is a century old system of health and self-defense. It is thought of as “new age dance.” Through a series of postures you will learn how to relax and move towards optimal health in addition to life protection benefits.
T.U.B.E.:Change up your strength training routine with a challenging total body resistance workout using only resistance bands. This class is held in the Multipurpose room. Come prepared to work!
TURBO KICKTM Turn up the heat! This fast paced kick box class is a great aerobic workout that utilizes the core muscles through choreographed moves to tone the upper and lower body with punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks!
YOGA: You will learn all the fundamentals of asana yoga: how to breathe, move, stretch and relax. End results show gains in flexibility and strength.
Y-PUMP: Take a break from the weight room and get into this class. It is a muscle endurance class focusing on primary upper and lower body muscle groups using a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, body bars, and resistance bands. A great addition to any fitness routine.
Zumba: Get ready to dance. This is a Latin inspired fitness class. Zumba uses specific Latin moves to give you the ultimate dance workout.
Water Based Classes

Medical Programming: This hour is for members who may need the guidance and supervision of specially trained staff to help them with a post rehab program or therapeutic support such as stretching.


PT Medical pool time: This one-on-one Physical Therapy service in a warm water environment for individuals either currently participating or recently discharged from Physical Therapy. Members may use the pool during this time as space permits.


Prenatal and Postpartum Water Fitness

Pregnancy and postpartum ladies, this class is for you! Offering a full body workout, modified for your condition level, the class may help reduce pregnancy backaches and other discomfort you may be experiencing. You'll combine cardio, stretching, and toning, while working at your own pace. Doctor's permission is recommended for this class.


Water Ex

This is an energetic, fun, shallow water fitness class with low impact, designed for any level of fitness, including beginners. Get a full-body workout, including cardiovascular, strength, abdominal work and a cool down.


Water Circuit

These classes are a great way to get a fun cardio workout without impact. Buoyancy equipment is used in these classes, which combines endurance work with strength training and abdominal exercises. Class is designed for intermediate to advanced level participants.


Active Adults

This water class will give you a complete workout including: warm-up, cardio, strength, abdominal, stretching and having fun socializing!


Water Pump and Abs

Pump muscle conditioning brings the weight room to water exercise. Work all major muscles using dumbbells, noodles, kickboards and other buoyancy equipment. Class ends with abdominal conditioning.


Water Yoga

This class creatively adapts Yoga  exercises for the pool. Elongate the entire body with unique conditioning exercises. Build a stronger core by moving from the inside out. Develop strength and flexibility with fluidity and grace. Improve posture and body awareness while moving the body as an integrated whole.



Water aerobic fitness designed for people who are looking for a gradual approach to exercise. This class is appropriate for those recovering from surgery, cancer survivors, those suffering from a chronic disease, or those who have been inactive for a period of time.


The YMCA Healthy Living Center Pools do not have open swim times. The lap pool is dedicated to lap swimming and training programs. The exercise pool is open for members to us for exercising, water exercise classes and therapy. You may find OPEN SWIM times for the Metro YMCA’s at
Lap Swim is designed to be a workout. We ask swimmers to share lanes and circle swim during busy times. Please be courteous to fellow swimmers, so everyone can enjoy a swim workout. Swimmers MUST be 9 years old or older to swim in the lap lanes. Swimmers must be doing CONTINUOUS LAPS during Lap Swim Times.


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