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POPULATION HEALTH: Clinic to Community Initiative


Dear Providers:


The YMCA Healthy Living Center offers many medically integrated programs some of which are licensed evidence-based programs and others that are extensions of therapeutic care.  These programs have been designed in consultation with our Medical Advisory Steering Committee and are implemented by a team of health care and wellness professionals.

Our goal with the Population Health Initiative is to partner with physicians to help them reach their patient’s where they live and to best influence their health behaviors and their accountability for improved outcomes.

By partnering the Clinic with a strong Community partner such as the YMCA, together we can work to:

  • Lower healthcare costs as patients become more involved in community evidence-based programming and services and less time in hospitals, ER and medical clinics

  • Engage patients across the continuum of care addressing primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention

  • Enable achievement of better health and better healthcare for people with chronic disease

  • Improve patient experience as they keep their “care” in a more uplifting community setting

  • There is financial assistance for those who have a medical need to access the YMCA

  • Ensure programs and interventions are evidence-based or based on research that show positive effects on chronic disease

    • Improve symptomology of disease

    • Increase functional ability

    • Acquire self-management techniques

    • Maintain or improve independent activities of daily living

    • Improve quality of life


Health care professionals write referrals for their patients to the YMCA Healthy Living Center to help them address risk factors, learn self-management skills, manage chronic disease, and improve symptoms.


Click here for a referral script or you can use your own script.  Please fax to 515-224-2907 and include patient name, DOB, contact number.


Referral Process


The following is reimbursed through insurance

  • Y-HLC receives referral and calls and schedules patient for a physical therapy evaluation.

    • This in-depth evaluation delves into the unique needs and goals of your patient and results in a plan of action that ensures safe exercise and that we address specific functional limitations and health risk.

    • You will receive the results of the initial evaluation

  • Patient is scheduled for 2 more visits with a physical therapist to learn their land and water programs with a specific goal to become independent with their programs as a member of the YMCA. 

  • Patient then transitions into membership.


The following is medically-guided while your patient is a member of the YMCA

  • Patient meets with medical program coordinator for an orientation into the specific medical program determined by physical therapist:

  • Patient is medically-guided and supported through health coaching, disease-specific education, support group programs, and evidence-based exercise programs

  • Every 12 weeks your patient will be re-assessed and their individualized programs will be modified and advanced as necessary.

  • You will receive re-assessment results every 12 weeks and updates on your patient in the program.

If you have any further questions about the Population Health Initiative or the process of referring your patients to the Y-HLC, please do not hesitate to contact Trina Radske-Suchan, Medical Program Executive at 515-645-3342 or .


Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you!

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